Episode 2: School, Bracelets, Gymnastics, and Stuff I like

Okay. This podcast was based on the things that are about OllieWisdom.com or @OllieWisdom on Twitter. There's also the stuff I like - like going to the grocery store. 

If you have any questions, ask me on Twitter @OllieWisdom.

Here is the picture of the 3D card i talked about.

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Episode 1: How the show works

I didn't know what to say yet. But here are some things I said. I'm going to do more talking later this week. 

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Welcome to my blog


This is Ollie Dunn talking here. My brother is just playing with his trucks. My dad is typing my blog. My mom is over there. 

This week, on Monday, I'm going to have a math test and computer lab. And also, my teacher moved my desk on Friday. So I have a new seat. 

I would like to tell you about my new podcast. It's called I'm Just Talking Here. It's about the news in my house and my life. Sometimes we'll talk about candy, and sometimes we'll talk about pugs. You'll just have to listen to find out.